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NPHS Theatre Department offers a variety of classes to accommodate the learning needs of NPHS Students.  The VPA classes are for students who are considering a career in theatre arts.  Non-VPA classes allow a student to test their interest in theatre arts or receive their arts credit for graduation.

Acting & Drama Classes
VPA Acting

Students in this program take Acting 1-4 and Theatre 1-4 over four years of participation.  This program focuses on advancing student acting skills by exposure to a variety of acting techniques and production opportunities.  Student in class work broadly includes scene work, audition practice, classic, contemporary, and world theatre explorations, and college and  career development. Seniors in this program are also eligible to take Theatrical Directing and Stage Management.  This is an audition in program.

Students may also choose to trade Acting  for Pre-AICE Drama and  AICE Drama their Sophomore and Junior years.  They will have a few different projects and the AICE Drama tests if they choose this option.

Singing & Dance
VPA Musical Theatre

Students in VPA Musical Theatre take Voice & Diction and Musical Theatre 1-3 over the four years.  They must also enroll in either chorus, dance techniques, ballet, theatre 1 or VPA Acting to accompany and work on specific skills.  Exception may be allowed for students enrolled in outside dance classes or vocal coaching. Students work on various musical theatre numbers, a full production, as well as college and career prep.

VPA Technical Theatre

Students involved in this program will be focusing on the technical aspects of theatre production.  Classes include Technical Theatre Design and Production 1-4, Technical Theatre Design and Production for Costume, Make-up, and Hair, Technical Theatre Design and Production for Scenery and Props, Theatrical Directing and Stage Management,

 Non-VPA Theatre Options

Theatre 1 is an opportunity for students with interest to explore theatre arts and receive their arts credit necessary for graduation. Technical Theatre Design and Production 1-4 focuses on the technical aspects of theatre production.  This class will have VPA and Non-VPA students.  It also fulfills the graduation requirement.

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